Corporation details - Unity of Suns [-UOS-]
Alliance: Warped Intentions CEO: Rock Onzo
Kills: 213 HQ:
Losses: 23 Members: 132
ISK destroyed: 234.34B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 1.47B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.38% Website:

Unity of Suns

Recruiting all pilots:

* NULL, WH op areas
* Min 5 mill sp

What can we offer?

* A friendly community specializing in many game play sectors (it's up to you which path you choose)
* An environment where both solo and team based players can flourish and somebody is always on-line to fly with
* Multiple teamwork opportunities and an understanding that RL comes first, ALWAYS
* Alliance buyback programs, advice, general chat/discussions, help and advice, DPS backup in nullsec and more
* Access to usable BPCs, equip, ship loans and Ship Replacement Programs, Nullsec citadels
* Access to Manufacturing, copying, inventing and research stations
* Access to multiple POS's and their facilities
* Mining, PVE, PI, Exploration, Industrial opportunities and operations access via our multitude of alliance members
* Null sec access containing multiple opportunities
* Region Jump-bridge networking to shorten travel times
* TS3/Mumble/Discord communication channels
* Access to region hauling network and jump freighter hauling access
* Max Rorqual Boosts avail
* Max Orca Boosts avail
* Standing Fleets avail in HS/NS
* Excellent Ore Mining Locations
* Excellent Ice Mining Locations
* Gas Mining opportunities
* Plenty of PVP opportunities should you desire them

What do we expect?

* Full account, non-expiry API key
* Drama Free game play
* Willingness to work with others within the corp, alliance and coalition
* Ability to connect to TS3/Discord
* Respect given to all players

Contact W4RP Recruit to have any questions answered.

Top Scorers
September 2019
Pilot Points
All time
Pilot Points
Rock Onzo 1. Rock Onzo 1422
Reco Chang 2. Reco Chang 834
Tobias Hainzweig 4. Tobias Hainzweig 481
Elephant 5. Elephant 448
jonnyhicks 6. jonnyhicks 406
Kaprica Rome 7. Kaprica Rome 403
Shayne Collister 8. Shayne Collister 396
Hawk GB 9. Hawk GB 310
Rejil Taurian 10. Rejil Taurian 277
Wetsandd 11. Wetsandd 262
Meldro Basica 12. Meldro Basica 168
outkast one 13. outkast one 152
outkast two 14. outkast two 149
Cait Nalelmir 15. Cait Nalelmir 143
Ted LeBon 16. Ted LeBon 71
John Vandenberg 17. John Vandenberg 65
bardghost Isu 18. bardghost Isu 48
Akira Kashuken 19. Akira Kashuken 34
DiDDleR 20. DiDDleR 34
outkast three 21. outkast three 31
Elsamar 22. Elsamar 26
Jason Chorant 23. Jason Chorant 12
Concha en Daire 24. Concha en Daire 3
Kimtor LeCastantas 26. Kimtor LeCastantas 3
Undergang 27. Undergang 2
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