Corporation details - Sentinel Event [-SNT-]
Alliance: 404 Alliance Not Found CEO: Heimotz
Kills: 9 HQ:
Losses: 4 Members: 27
ISK destroyed: 223.05B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.23B Tax Rate: 2%
Efficiency: 99.90% Website: http://

*We are a mature group of pilots, with years of experience
*We like to PVP

What we have/can offer:
* PVP, also, hauling logistics and such

We pew, sometimes, but rarely, we grind for iskies, but this corp is here to pew not grind. If you're looking for Isk grinding, look elsewhere, we fight.
Ships and Weapons Used
Ship Kills
Muninn Muninn
Heavy Assault Cruiser
Eagle Eagle
Heavy Assault Cruiser
Ishtar Ishtar
Heavy Assault Cruiser
Stiletto Stiletto
Weapon Kills
720mm Howitzer Artillery II 720mm Howitzer Artillery II 4
250mm Railgun II 250mm Railgun II 4
150mm Light AutoCannon II 150mm Light AutoCannon II 1
Curator II Curator II 1
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