Corporation details - Shinigami Miners [SHIME]
Alliance: Already Replaced. CEO: GGarrett
Kills: 137 HQ:
Losses: 68 Members: 92
ISK destroyed: 39.03B Shares: 10000000
ISK lost: 14.11B Tax Rate: 6%
Efficiency: 73.45% Website:
"If we can't build it, you don't need it!"

Welcome to Shinigami Miners. We are a 0.0 Industrial Corporation flying with active Miners, PVPers, PVErs, and Industrial focused players. If you have worked with us and/or are looking to get into the 0.0(null sec) life please Join Shimi pub to talk to us. After We've talked to you and feel comfortable with you send in an Application. We are a laid back corp just looking to make ISK and have some fun.

There are a few requirements you must have before you're allowed to join.
1. Most important is you MUST have
Discord and Teamspeak and be willing to use it.
2. Must be an active player. (3/4 days a week) Understand Rl comes first (#3)
3. Must accept that Real Life comes first.
4. Must be willing to help on Corp Ops, (Mining, Ratting, PVP)
5. 10 million Skill Point requirement
5a. Must have a Main Omega Character when applying, Alts can be Alpha's
6. Be willing to answer any additional questions before a final decision can be made on your App.
7. Allow us up to a week to process your Application. We WILL be doing a background check. (A drug Test Maybe Required.)

Optional but perfered:
1) Able to fly Triglavian ships w/ atleast t1 gun, *T2 Perfered

What we have to offer you:
24/7 Discord server
Active members in the US/EU timezones
Discounted Ships and Modules
LvL 5 Orca/Rorqual Mining boosts for Ice/Ore Mining fleets
LvL 5 Warfare Boosts for Ratting fleets
Access to corp BPC's
A relaxed, frendly, and Anti-Drama corp

Recruitment Status: Open
Public Channel :
Shimi pub

CO-CEO/Diplomat -
Recruiter -
kaylan Samms WNxRorschach Ethelon Leonin
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