Corporation details - Catalina Operations and Logistics Division [COLDZ]
Alliance: Curatores Veritatis Alliance CEO: Marco Marques
Kills: 40 HQ:
Losses: 16 Members: 24
ISK destroyed: 43.49B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 1.60B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 96.45% Website:
Catalina operations[COLDZ] is comprised of veteran EVE players that have flown together for years, traveling to 0.0, WH space and back.
We have both industrial and military interests and believe that any corporation that is to survive must be strong and capable in both aspects. We're a competitive corp. Whether it be industry, pvp, or having a few laughs... when we play, we play hard! We are searching for like minded pilots that share a similar philosophy to join our ranks. We are mostly GMT based with a few US players. Having an adult sense of humor is a must with the average age of pilots being mid 20's to late 50's.

What do we offer?
-Experience - Years' worth of EVE game experience.
-Forums, killboard, Ts3 for comms.
-Logistics via Carriers, Jump Freighters, and Freighters for all corp members.
-Ship Replacement Assistance for corp and/or alliance ops.
-Discounts on everything we build including Capital Ships.

1) 10 Million SP Requirement at the moment.
2) Willingness to participate in corporate operations and projects.
3) Prior experience in low-sec & null-sec is a plus.
4) Ability to make isk independently if needed.
5) Must be able to use Teamspeak 3 (mic included).
6) Api verification and security check and TS3 Interview.

Marco Marques
Diplomacy - Marco Marques, Caramir
Security - Marco Marques, Caramir
Recruitment - Caramir

Awarded Medals
Legion of Merit
for most kills
Navy Cross
for most killpoints
Navy Distinguished Service Medal
for most solo kills
Defense Meritorious Service Medal
for most damage dealt
Joint Service Commendation Medal
for most finishing blows
Humanitarian Service Medal
for most pods destroyed
Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
for most ruthless kills
Meritorious Service Medal
for most economocial damage caused
Purple Heart
for most ships lost
Joint Service Achievement Medal
for most lowsec kills
Distinguished Service Cross
for most caps and supers killed
Armed Forces Service Medal
for most structures razed
Global War on Terrorism Medal
for most kills in high sec systems
Prisoner of War Medal
for most ships lost in high sec systems

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