Corporation details - Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque [SFRIM]
Alliance: Khimi Harar CEO: Lunarisse Aspenstar
Kills: 15 HQ:
Losses: 1 Members: 85
ISK destroyed: 221.59B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.29B Tax Rate: 1.5%
Efficiency: 99.87% Website:
NRDS (Blooders, EoM, pilots of opposing faction militias generally marked or deemed red)

General (OOC) -
Lunarisse Aspenstar
General (IC) - Esna Pitoojee (Alternates - Garion Avarr Lunarisse Aspenstar )
Providence -
Akali Sharisa
Devoid/Bleaks - Coulter Phelps

Corporation loyal to God and Greater Amarr.

Recruiting pilots for Exploration, Drifter hunting, missions and space engagements, and Industrial activities.

The Scepter (Ametat) and the Crown (Avetat) are a pair of holy Amarr artifacts linked to the semi-mythological first Emperor, Amash-Akura, the founding of the Empire, and the mythological beings known as the sefrim.

SFRIM Coat of Arms

10 Most recent kills
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Ship type Victim Final blow Location
Saranen (0.1)
I: 89 C: 0
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