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Our company
"CoCo Mining and Logistics Incorporated" was established with the aim of comprehensive development and stable supply of iron-making materials such as asteroid belt, ore site and month resource mining in the Hi-Sec area.

Since then, we have consistently developed and expanded with the heavy responsibility of raw material supply to the industry through the development of Hi-Sec asteroid belt resources, but in the process of resource and energy situation change in the course of economic growth Moved the management axis to the monthly resource mining, and today we are working hard as a comprehensive resource company dealing with various mining developments.

We will continue to respond to the needs of society, strive for stable supply of resources, work on securing and developing new resources, improving the value added value of mineral resources and mining and geotechnical consulting, We will strive to strengthen our foundation and further develop our business.

Furthermore, we will contribute to our shareholders, customers and local communities through the development of our business by exploiting our comprehensive capabilities, including logistics operations centered on transportation of goods between non-Hi-Sec bases and logistics maintenance regardless of Hi-Sec We will continue to.

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「CoCo Mining and Logistics Incorporated」は、Hi-Secエリアにおけるアステロイドベルト、鉱石サイト、



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