Corporation details - Fusion Enterprises Ltd [FUSEN]
Alliance: Reckless Contingency. CEO: Ncc 1709
Kills: 2866 HQ:
Losses: 357 Members: 603
ISK destroyed: 2,697.92B Shares: 6000
ISK lost: 145.78B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 94.87% Website:
Odds are your life in New Eden will involve being killed and podded by our pilots, in the equipment and ships we supplied you. New Eden is not a fair or balanced place and we intend on keeping the scales firmly tipped in our favour.

Recruitment : Open - Join our public channel for more info

Fusion Enterprises Ltd - Looking for People who like Ratting, mining & pvp in nullsec

Visit our
Public Channel for recruitment or diplomatic contact

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Ncc 1709 & Rainus Max

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Ncc 1709
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