Corporation details - Exanimo Inc [EXAN]
Alliance: NONE CEO: PreoxDeluxe
Kills: 142 HQ:
Losses: 61 Members: 102
ISK destroyed: 253.60B Shares: 200000
ISK lost: 12.04B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 95.47% Website:
EXAN is a relaxed group of combat and industrial pilots in sov space, ALL TZ ...

- In EXAN RL comes first !!
- Laid back crew
- pvp every day - corp/alliance
- BLOP's fleets - corp/alliance
- indy/mining when needed/ wanted ( max bonused Rorqual )

Sonjaaa - EU
Wayl4nder - EU - Diplo 1st pont of contact
scarletvein - AU
Witchy Bife - GER/EU
Sivera Dreamer - All round Hero!

EXAN Diplomats :
FULL API / ID FOR ALL CHARACTERS ON YOUR ACCOUNT WILL be requested. After you join our in-game recruitment channel for a chat with our recruiters you will be asked to mail to them the above so have it ready :) If you do apply without talking to recruiters, your application will be rejected !

In-game channel : Exan Recruitment

"Where we go One, we go ALL"
10 Most recent kills
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
Strategic Cruiser
Northern Coalition.
ZXB-VC (0.0)
I: 178 C: 0
10 Most recent losses

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