Corporation details - V.O.I.D. [V0ID.]
Alliance: NullSechnaya Sholupen CEO: T Halifax
Kills: 110 HQ:
Losses: 26 Members: 25
ISK destroyed: 347.10B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 5.36B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 98.48% Website:
CEO: T Halifax
Directors: Slavir Nabra, Dal Shooth

Recruitment Status: Open (all time zones)

About VOID: Void is Primarily a ustz corp, that focuses mostly on pvp.
- 15 million skill points (Capitals and Black ops are a plus)
- Willing to pvp (most of us are pirates)
- Be self sufficient ie: (missions, mining, trading, building, research)

Recruitment/Public Channel:
Into The V0ID
Public Discord:

Raving Reviews

Brothuhbob > Make sure to ask your other leadership if i can join Halifax, how many of your toons have director again?

Syco Saisima > Your Corp really just needs to die already tbh

Azis Troyanov > VOID #1

Shakari Sween > 2018, make void great again

Davir Sometaww > Void still alive?

Marsha Mallow > I Blame you Halifax, I told VOID to save SC!

Chocolate Pickle > I hear that void is still pretty dead

Lash Wolfram > why is void in get off my lawn
Lash Wolfram > who do i shoot for that?

Loki Chocochips > V.O.I.D. is literally the aids that is rotting Grath's anus from the inside out ;)
10 Most recent kills
10 Most recent losses
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
Recon Ship
NullSechnaya Sholupen
K-B8DK (0.0)
I: 64 C: 0
Shadow Cartel
Gehi (0.3)
I: 88 C: 0
Vigil Fleet Issue
Shadow Cartel
Siseide (0.3)
I: 58 C: 0
Heavy Assault Cruiser
Shadow Cartel
RF-K9W (0.0)
I: 85 C: 0
Logistics Cruiser
U-QVWD (0.0)
I: 57 C: 0
Cyclops II
Escalating Entropy
Vey (0.2)
I: 153 C: 0
Antaeus II
Escalating Entropy
Vey (0.2)
I: 131 C: 0
Malleus II
Escalating Entropy
Vey (0.2)
I: 127 C: 0
Strategic Cruiser
Escalating Entropy
Vey (0.2)
I: 109 C: 0
Shadow Cartel
W6VP-Y (0.0)
I: 44 C: 0
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