Corporation details - Angels and Demons Inc. [AADI.]
Alliance: Mordus Angels CEO: Kronos cte
Kills: 108 HQ:
Losses: 119 Members: 24
ISK destroyed: 68.27B Shares: 10000000
ISK lost: 8.39B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 89.06% Website:
Angels and Demons (AADI) is a PvP-focused corporation and part of the Mordus Angels (MoA) Alliance which operates out of Mordus Legion space in 5ZXX-K (Pure Blind Region). We are most active during UK/EU time zones and are looking to bolster our ranks with active PvP players who enjoy being surrounded by thousands of targets to shoot.

Our corporation has roots in industrial endeavors and has an interest in maintaining that, so long as it doesn't interfere with MoA and AADI goals: PvP. Corporation run mining ops, missioning, and POS maintenance occur voluntarily and based on the cooperative needs of the members. Having an active, well-rounded, self-sustaining corporation is our goal.

As to our Alliance - MoA does not hold space, has no intention to hold space, and lives to BLOPS or generally harass the CFC any way we can. They don't really like us and we don't particularly care for them; it is what it is.

What we require

-5m skill-points in PvP skills
-The ability to use voice comms (TS3)
-Being self-sufficient
-Be respectful of others
-Sense of humor
-Active killboard history or at least a keen willingness to learn
-Full API and willingness to use API-integrated Alliance forum/TS3 features
-Willingness to adapt to, or train towards, Alliance doctrine ships
-A focus and commitment to PvP first, industrial and PvE activities second
-An acknowledgement of the Alliance chain of command and how to properly address disputes and/or grievances be it internal to AADI, MoA, or between entities with positive standings (aka no drama please)

What would be awesome for you to have (bonus points)

-Experience with Black Ops operations and the ships/skills to contribute towards it (bridge!)
-FC experience (small gang, BLOPS, guerilla approach)
-Insatiable bouts of space-based bloodlust
-Jump Freighters and an interest in assisting with MoA doctrine ship seeding/support (profit margins restricted to respectable levels in order to prevent gouging internally but retains incentive)

What we can offer you

-0.0 space with access to the most lucrative NPC missions in Eve (Mordus Legion & Sisters of Eve)
-Target rich environment
-Small and medium fleet engagements with the occasional augmentation of larger entities/fleets through coordinated strategic operations
-Be a part of a very active Alliance with daily, organized PvP operations
-Alliance fleet SRP on doctrine, scheduled operations
-A feeling of belonging somewhere
-Access to an extensive pool of well-researched BPO's (almost everything below super-class)
-A 0.0 home less than 10ly distance from Empire space (and close to Jita)
-A mature atmosphere that respects the idea that RL > *

What we don't want

-People who simply want safe, blue access to Mordus Legion and Sisters of Eve mission space
-People who intend to carebear during Alliance or corporation operations
-Elitist jerks that pwn nubz or smacktards

Our neighborhood is busy - we assure you of that.

If this appeals to you, Then join us.
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