Corporation details - Pod Goo Extraction Agency [X-POD]
Alliance: NONE CEO: Zabian Black
Kills: 24 HQ:
Losses: 2 Members: 14
ISK destroyed: 477.88B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.77B Tax Rate: 2.5%
Efficiency: 99.84% Website: http://
"Oh I'm sorry, were you using that pod?"

X-POD pilots are drawn from all over New Eden and specialize in PVP and Null Sec operations. They are highly experienced in Small Gang and Solo PVP.

Formed with the intent to craft a corperation and an alliance focused on PVP our pilots have been involved in many of operations, including fighting hundreds of successful wars and thousands of null sec engagements. We're currently an Alliance corperation of
IT'S ONLY PIXELS we're building up our forces in Insmother.

So what can X-Pod offer you?

-Our pilots have years of experience. We're experienced in training pilots allowing you to reach your goals in whatever you aspire to acheive.

-We have a great camaraderie with a no drama allowed policy. When you join X-POD you join a family, a family that will support you and watch your back in the treacherous world of New Eden.

-With years of having our members play the game we have people experienced in just about every aspect of play. Interested in playing the market or incursions? We have pilots who are experienced in these fields.

-Tired of inactive corps? X-POD launches regular roams and combat ops.

-Ever wanted to fly in Null Sec but been too scared to venture down? Come along for the ride and be trained by us with exciting opportunities for PVP and ISK building.

-And of course Coalition Coms on TS3

"We get the world we deserve."


For Alliance and Corp Diplo contact:
Xurr or Selendis Voidstalker

For Recruitment join
X-POD Lounge or contact Selendis Voidstalker, Leet Rissien, Beast 667 or Trope Bellunavis

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