Corporation details - Minmatar Brotherhood [-MB-.]
Alliance: NONE CEO: Polska Kielbasa
Kills: 6 HQ:
Losses: 1 Members: 1
ISK destroyed: 219.32B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.16B Tax Rate: 4.5%
Efficiency: 99.93% Website: http://We don't need no stinking home page. We're NOMAD
About Minmatar Brotherhood:

Soon after the
Great Minmatar Rebellion of 23216 AD, a few Minmatar veterans, who were all Valklears and old friends that had seen many battles together, formed a group and began to meet secretly. Initially it was just a small group of hate filled rebels who were hell bent on continuing the assault on the Amarr, especially now that the Amarr had been weakened by fighting on two fronts and forced to withdraw from Minmatar space. This elite group of radical pilots refused to follow the advice of the elders and they never agreed to any cease fire. Instead, they vowed to endlessly pursue the enemy to the ends of the universe if need be. This band of brothers in arms began to grow and with their fearless attacks and the suicidal fury shown by their pilots in those attacks, they quickly established a reputation for themselves. They lead from the front on numerous occassions, driving fear into the hearts of their enemies as they continued their never ending campaign of attacks throughout the entirety space. Because of their actions they are credited for the freeing of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of slaves and considered directly responsible for the deaths of countless numbers of enemy personnel. With the passing of time the membership continued to grow and eventually it evolved into a movement of solidarity with a nationalist view. The core members at the time are known to have been a part of the fleet during the Legendary Elders invasion of YC110 as well as taking part in "the purge" as literally hundreds of government officials at every level of the Republic apparatus were assassinated. Every corpse left behind by the assassins had a dossier of evidence with it purporting to show the complicity of the victim with the Amarr Empire's efforts to infiltrate, destabilize and control the Republic. Because of all this, there are several times the enemy tried to end the society. The best of the best, up to and including the Order of St. Tetrimon was sent time and again to infiltrate and /or simply destroy the society and billions of isk in rewards were offered to and paid to anybody that would hunt down the secret society members and kill them & all those that were with them. Sometimes they succeeded but the Minmatar Tribal Society philosophies and ideals of the founding group somehow always survived and they were able to rebuild. There were always enough hardcore Minmatar around that supported the greatest cause of all. The health and well being, the prosperity of the Minmatar race. Never forget, never forgive.
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