Corporation details - The Pannion Domin [PAANN]
Alliance: NONE CEO: Ganoes Utrigas
Kills: 7 HQ:
Losses: 2 Members: 184
ISK destroyed: 664.46B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.12B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 99.98% Website:

About us:
We are currently the leading English speaking community in Caldari Factional Warfare, active across EU and US timezones. We have a range of players from very experienced factional warfare veterans to new players.

Who we are looking for:
We are looking for players who enjoy making a difference playing an active role within a small fleet.
Experienced players. new players, alts and alpha accounts welcome! Positive attitude required.

Why factional warfare:
Factional warfare provides a great source of income to new players, and most importantly provides a reason to fight. Despite neglect from CCP, FW space is still the best area in Eve for small gang fights. Black Rise is one of the most active PVP regions in EVE.

What we provide:
- Active community with daily small gang fleets
- Low tax customs offices
- Citadel access
- Factional warfare LP buyback
- Logistical help getting to the warzone
- New player guidance

Public channel -
The Pannion Domin Public - Come hang out and get to know us!
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Caldari State
OEY-OR (0.0)
I: 8 C: 0
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