Item details - Strong Frentix Booster
Strong Frentix Booster
This strong concoction of painkillers helps the pilot block out all inessential thought processes (along with the occasional needed one) and to focus his attention completely on the task at hand. When that task is to hit a target, it certainly makes for better aim, though it does tend to make one's extremities go numb for short periods.
Cargo capacity 0 m3
Mass 1 kg
Volume 1 m3
Baseprice 32,768 ISK
Shield Booster Penalty -30 %
Primary Skill required Biology
requiredSkill1Level 3
Optimal Range Modifier 20 %
Booster Duration 1800000 s
Chance of Side Effect 0.4000000059604645 %
boosterEffectChance2 0.4000000059604645 %
boosterEffectChance3 0.4000000059604645 %
boosterEffectChance4 0.4000000059604645 %
boosterEffectChance5 0.4000000059604645 %
Armor Hitpoint Penalty -30 %
Turret Tracking Penalty -30 %
Velocity Penalty -30 %
Booster Slot 2 Slot
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