Item details - Guristas Mjolnir XL Cruise Missile
Guristas Mjolnir XL Cruise Missile
XL Cruise Missiles are designed for long range bombardment of capital ships and installations. They are a specialized design usable only by capital ships.

Nothing more than a baby nuclear warhead, this guided missile wreaks havoc with the delicate electronic systems aboard a starship. Specifically designed to damage shield systems, it is able to ravage heavily shielded targets in no time.
Cargo capacity 0 m3
Mass 1,500 kg
Volume 0.3 m3
Baseprice 350,000 ISK
Base Armor Damage 0
Structure Hitpoints 1920 HP
detonationRange 35 m
Maximum Velocity 7000 m/sec
Explosion Radius 6000 m
Tech Level 1 Level
structureUniformity 1
Base Shield Damage 0
aimedLaunch 1
Explosion Velocity 40 m/sec
requiredSkill1Level 1
aoeFalloff 1500
aoeDamageReductionFactor 0.8820000290870667
aoeDamageReductionSensitivity 5.5
Maximum Flight Time 15000 s
requiredSkill2Level 1
EM damage 5225 HP
Explosive damage 0 HP
Kinetic damage 0 HP
Inertia Modifier 0.0000043634599933284335 x
Thermal damage 0 HP
Used with (Launcher Group) Missile Launcher XL Cruise
Primary Skill required XL Cruise Missiles
Secondary Skill required Missile Launcher Operation
metaGroupID 4
Meta Level 8 Level
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