Item details - Heavy Stasis Grappler II
Heavy Stasis Grappler II
Stasis Grapplers reduce the maximum speed of a target ship by employing micro energy streams which effectively entangle the target temporarily, thereby slowing it down.
This slowing effect is strongest at very close ranges, and diminishes as range increases.
Heavy Stasis Grapplers require a very stable base platform, and therefore may only be fitted to Battleships and Capital Ships.
Cargo capacity 0 m3
Mass 0 kg
Volume 50 m3
Baseprice 0 ISK
Activation Cost 5 GJ
Structure Hitpoints 40 HP
Maximum Velocity Bonus -85 %
Powergrid Usage 220 MW
CPU usage 30 tf
Optimal Range 1000 m
Activation time / duration 2000 s
Accuracy falloff 0 m
Primary Skill required Evasive Maneuvering
requiredSkill1Level 4
Tech Level 2 Level
Meta Level 5 Level
heatAbsorbtionRateModifier 0.019999999552965164
Heat Damage 5 HP
Required Thermodynamics Level 1 Level
Overload optimal range bonus 300 %
Can be fitted to Battleship
Can be fitted to Black Ops
Can be fitted to Marauder
Can be fitted to Carrier
Max Modules Of This Group Allowed 1
Can be fitted to Force Auxiliary
Can be fitted to Dreadnought
Can be fitted to Supercarrier
Can be fitted to Titan
Effectiveness Falloff 10000 m
Can be fitted to Capital Industrial Ship
remoteResistanceID Stasis Webifier Resistance
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