Item details - Hail XL
Hail XL
Hail is an attempt to combine the penetration of titanium sabot with the versatility of a depleted uranium shell. It has tremendous damage potential, but should not be used at long ranges. Any pilot using this ammunition should be prepared to trade optimal range, falloff range, and tracking speed for a devastating amount of damage.

25% reduced falloff.
50% reduced optimal range.
30% reduced tracking speed.

Note: This ammunition can only be used by capital tech level II and faction Autocannons.
Cargo capacity 0 m3
Mass 1 kg
Volume 0.125 m3
Baseprice 50,000 ISK
EM damage 0 HP
Explosive damage 96.80000305175781 HP
Kinetic damage 26.399999618530273 HP
Thermal damage 0 HP
Range bonus 0.5 %
mainColor 11835800
Charge size 4
Used with (Launcher Group) Projectile Weapon
Primary Skill required Capital Autocannon Specialization
Tracking Speed Multiplier 0.699999988079071 x
requiredSkill1Level 1
Tech Level 2 Level
Falloff Modifier 0.75 x
Turret Power Need 1 %
Base Shield Damage 0
Base Armor Damage 0
Meta Level 5 Level
entityFlyRangeMultiplier 0.5
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