Item details - Molok
"Molok, libeled as 'The Deceiver' by the false faith, was truer than any so-called 'True Amarr' follower of the corrupted throne squatters could ever be. He it was that understood the true nature of the universe. There is only one truth: power is all; naked, merciless force wielded by those with the will to grapple with it. We drink the blood of the powerful and the pure because to survive and advance we must feed on their energy and make it our own. This is the lesson of Molok. His failure is of no moment, his glimpse of the Great Truth is all that matters."

- Omir Sarikusa, Meditations on a Crimson Chalice

Minmatar Titan bonuses (per skill level):
6 + bonus to ship warp core strength
20 % bonus to Stasis Webifier optimal range

Amarr Titan bonuses (per skill level):
6 + bonus to ship warp core strength
15 % bonus to Energy Nosferatu and Energy Neutralizer drain amount

Role Bonus:
Can fit a Doomsday module
Can fit a Phenomena Generator module
Can fit a Jump Portal Generator module
Can fit a Clone Vat Bay module
Can use three Command Burst modules
Energy Nosferatu fitted to this ship will drain targeted ship's capacitor regardless of your own capacitor level
5 x penalty to Entosis Link duration
80 % bonus to Sensor Dampener resistance
80 % bonus to Weapon Disruption resistance
80 % bonus to Stasis effect resistance
80 % increase to Remote Electronic Assistance impedance
200 % bonus to Command Burst area of effect range
500 % bonus to Armor Plates and Shield Extenders
1400 % bonus to Capital Energy Turret damage

Armor Hitpoints 950000 HP
Armor EM Damage Resistance 50 %
Armor Explosive Damage Resistance 19.999998807907 %
Armor Kinetic Damage Resistance 25 %
Armor Thermal Damage Resistance 35.000002384186 %
Shield Capacity 390000 HP
Shield recharge time 20000000 s
Shield EM Damage Resistance 0 %
Shield Explosive Damage Resistance 50 %
Shield Kinetic Damage Resistance 39.999997615814 %
Shield Thermal Damage Resistance 19.999998807907 %
Cargo capacity 12400 m3
Mass 2,400,000,000 kg
Volume 155000000 m3
Baseprice 0 ISK
High Slots 8
Medium Slots 6
Low Slots 8
Rig Slots 3
Calibration 350 points
Drone Bandwidth 0 Mbit/sec
Launcher Hardpoints 0 hardpoints
Turret Hardpoints 4 hardpoints
Powergrid Output 1375000 MW
CPU Output 900 tf
Maximum Targeting Range 250000 m
Scan Resolution 75 mm
Maximum Locked Targets 8
RADAR Sensor Strength 240 points
Ladar Sensor Strength 0 points
Magnetometric Sensor Strength 0 points
Gravimetric Sensor Strength 0 points
Signature Radius 24000 m
Tech Level 1 Level
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