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Item details - Tornado
In YC 113 Republic Security Services learned the Amarr Empire was building a new battlecruiser capable of supporting battleship-class weapons. Determined to not lose their technological edge to their adversaries, Republic Fleet commissioned Boundless Creation to construct a gunboat to match.

What they designed was the Tornado. Developed in record time and total secrecy, the Tornado is a testament to Minmatar engineering. Modeled loosely off of flying-wing designs of ancient planetary bombers, the Tornado supports multiple large projectile turrets, dealing massive damage while maintaining a small signature radius.

Minmatar Battlecruiser bonuses (per skill level):
5 % bonus to Large Projectile Turret rate of fire
5 % bonus to Large Projectile Turret falloff

Role Bonus:
95 % reduction in Large Projectile Turret powergrid requirement
50 % reduction in Large Projectile Turret CPU requirement

Armor Hitpoints 1800 HP
Armor EM Damage Resistance 59.999999403954 %
Armor Explosive Damage Resistance 10.000002384186 %
Armor Kinetic Damage Resistance 25 %
Armor Thermal Damage Resistance 35.000002384186 %
Shield Capacity 1890 HP
Shield recharge time 1400000 s
Shield EM Damage Resistance 0 %
Shield Explosive Damage Resistance 50 %
Shield Kinetic Damage Resistance 39.999997615814 %
Shield Thermal Damage Resistance 19.999998807907 %
Cargo capacity 535 m3
Mass 15,228,000 kg
Volume 216000 m3
Baseprice 59,200,000 ISK
High Slots 8
Medium Slots 5
Low Slots 4
Rig Slots 3
Calibration 400 points
Drone Bandwidth 0 Mbit/sec
Launcher Hardpoints 0 hardpoints
Turret Hardpoints 8 hardpoints
Powergrid Output 1000 MW
CPU Output 342 tf
Maximum Targeting Range 60000 m
Scan Resolution 230 mm
Maximum Locked Targets 6
RADAR Sensor Strength 0 points
Ladar Sensor Strength 17 points
Magnetometric Sensor Strength 0 points
Gravimetric Sensor Strength 0 points
Signature Radius 195 m
Tech Level 1 Level
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