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Item details - Apocalypse
In days past, only those in high favor with the Emperor could hope to earn the reward of commanding one of the majestic and powerful Apocalypse class battleships. In latter years, even though now in full market circulation, these golden, metallic monstrosities are still feared and respected as enduring symbols of Amarrian might.

Amarr Battleship bonuses (per skill level):
7.5 % bonus to Large Energy Turret optimal range
7.5 % bonus to Large Energy Turret tracking speed

Armor Hitpoints 7000 HP
Armor EM Damage Resistance 50 %
Armor Explosive Damage Resistance 19.999998807907 %
Armor Kinetic Damage Resistance 25 %
Armor Thermal Damage Resistance 35.000002384186 %
Shield Capacity 6000 HP
Shield recharge time 2500000 s
Shield EM Damage Resistance 0 %
Shield Explosive Damage Resistance 50 %
Shield Kinetic Damage Resistance 39.999997615814 %
Shield Thermal Damage Resistance 19.999998807907 %
Cargo capacity 845 m3
Mass 97,100,000 kg
Volume 495000 m3
Baseprice 112,500,000 ISK
High Slots 8
Medium Slots 4
Low Slots 7
Rig Slots 3
Calibration 400 points
Drone Bandwidth 50 Mbit/sec
Launcher Hardpoints 0 hardpoints
Turret Hardpoints 8 hardpoints
Powergrid Output 21000 MW
CPU Output 540 tf
Maximum Targeting Range 87600 m
Scan Resolution 95 mm
Maximum Locked Targets 7
RADAR Sensor Strength 20 points
Ladar Sensor Strength 0 points
Magnetometric Sensor Strength 0 points
Gravimetric Sensor Strength 0 points
Signature Radius 380 m
Tech Level 1 Level
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