SCPO. Cypher Dragonfist
Pilot Details
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Corporation: League of Gentlemen
Alliance: Tactical Narcotics Team
Kills: 253
Real kills: 249
Losses: 2
Damage done (ISK): 465.79B
Damage received (ISK): 0.04B
Enemy survival: 0.8% - Death Incarnate
Pilot Efficiency (ISK): 99.99% - The Final Solution ™
Medal Box
Elite Hybrid Turret Gunner
Expert Drone Operator
Expert Missile Launcher Operator
Veteran Electronic Warfare Operator
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Abbreviation: SCPO.
SCPO. Progression MCPO.

10 Most recent kills
10 Most recent losses
Friday, December 30th

Ship type Victim Final blow Location
Mining Barge
Just let it happen
JBY6-F (0.0)
I: 41 C: 0
Kill points
Loss points
Total points
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