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CmS. Inkotronka
Pilot Details
Crewman Specialist
Corporation: Marvinovi pratele
Alliance: The Bastion
Kills: 30
Real kills: 19
Losses: 0
Damage done (ISK): 1.55B
Damage received (ISK): 0B
Enemy survival: 0% - Death Incarnate
Pilot Efficiency (ISK): 100% - The Final Solution ™
Medal Box
Expert Projectile Turret Gunner
Crewman Specialist
Crewman Specialist
Abbreviation: CmS.
CmS. Progression PO3.

Ships and Weapons Used
Ship Kills
Loki Loki
Strategic Cruiser
Hound Hound
Covert Ops
Weapon Kills
720mm Howitzer Artillery II 720mm Howitzer Artillery II 18
650mm Artillery Cannon II 650mm Artillery Cannon II 2
Electron Bomb Electron Bomb 1
Kill points
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