Corporation details - Event Horizon Expeditionaries [EHEXP]
Alliance: The Watchmen. CEO: Chi Aki
Kills: 231 HQ:
Losses: 18 Members: 414
ISK destroyed: 93.75B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.86B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.09% Website: http://
We are an active, veteran corp, living in Null Sec, we are NBSI.

We have a strong industry base, mining and making all forms of equipment and ships. If you enjoy PvE then you will be able to find friends here to fly with you. We previously had co-lead of a Sov holding alliance and built that empire to what it is today, when we decided to leave. We are strategic empire builders when given an opportunity! We do enjoy any challenge.

Our combat pilots are some of the best around in the AUTZ and actively roam during our prime time. We specialise in small gang warfare as it is best suited for our group and TZ.

EHEXP is a corp that values each member and the friendships that form through the game. We believe in loyalty and friendship above self interest!

We understand that Eve is a leisure activity and our group is diverse and understand that real life has priority.

If you are looking for a home amongst some of best players in the AUTZ then feel free to drop in to our diplomatic channel, TW-Diplo. If you are a player looking for a corp or a Corp looking for an alliance, we are happy to talk.
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