Corporation details - Ember Inc. [EMBIN]
Alliance: Curatores Veritatis Alliance CEO: Calette Zardina
Kills: 617 HQ:
Losses: 40 Members: 46
ISK destroyed: 3,113.69B Shares: 10000
ISK lost: 5.31B Tax Rate: 1%
Efficiency: 99.83% Website:
Ember Inc.

Applications to: Blanche Kouvo, Flotwell

Send applications only after contacting the CEO or a director. We only accept German speaking players. We make exceptions for affiliates of Ember, that do not speak German, but accept that the main language is German in Ember Inc.

If you want to get in contact with one of us, join our public channel:

Recruiting restrictions:
- Be able to talk / understand German
- Have Omega Clone

- English language skills
- Nullsec experience

Corp Ad:
Ember Inc. - PvP & Industrie im Nullsec
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