Corporation details - Maraque Enterprises [MARAQ]
Alliance: Just let it happen CEO: annbel
Kills: 173 HQ:
Losses: 7 Members: 77
ISK destroyed: 124.58B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.58B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 99.54% Website:
Ah! So you've selected Maraque Enterprises.

Perhaps you are interested in joining this fine Industrial-based corporation.

Perhaps you are not.

In the end, does it matter? Really?

It's a beautiful thing though. The shattering of asteroids as you transport the ores out of them and into your ore hold. Large, majestic looking Orcas ready to deliver them to your station of choice in which to craft those ores into a multitude of products.

Stand in awe at the end of the production line as endless sharp pointed missiles or crates of high explosive ammunition are created. Imagine peering out large viewports as your hard earned ores are crafted into something so striking as a Thorax Cruiser or the ever 'popular' Drake Battlecruiser! Of course, the cargo bay beside yours is filled with capital ship construction parts... perhaps your finances can support that one day...

And yet, you smile even bigger when you turn your back and start to walk away.

"I wonder what I can make by turning that Thorax into a Deimos?"

Preparations have been made.

Materials have been stocked.

Are we ready?

** We are recruiting! **

Maraque channel for more information.

* API required.
* No SP requirement
* 24/7 Null Mining
* Full Industrial/Research Infrastructure
* Small Gang / BLOPS / Capital PvP
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