Corporation details - Lippstadt Creed [LLPCO]
Alliance: Solyaris Chtonium CEO: Brandubh MacAlasdair
Kills: 75 HQ:
Losses: 25 Members: 75
ISK destroyed: 454.20B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 6.04B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 98.69% Website:
Lippstadt Creed (LLPCO) is a nullsec corporation and a member of the 2000+ member Solyaris Chtonium (SLYCE), a well-established sov-holding alliance with a rich culture and history. We're a laid-back group which dabbles in many aspects of nullsec life including fleet PvP, PvE, mining, exploration and industry.

We offer:
- A low-stress corp to play and grow with
- Numerous anomalies for ratting, mining and exploration
- Alliance- and coalition-level comms
- Excellent planets for PI
- Low tax rate for PvE (5%)
- Access to numerous alliance and coalition services including daily fleets and experienced FCs

We ask for:
- People who are interested in nullsec life
- Participation in system defense PvP fleets to help defend our home
- Maturity and a good sense of humour :)

Recruitment is OPEN

|| Contact one of our illustrious recruiters today! ||
nakedbulldog (Head recruiter)
Brandubh MacAlasdair (CEO and Head diplomat)
Jarvis Cipher (Gerbil keeper)

Jackson Creed
Lest we forget.
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