Corporation details - Caldari Deep Space Ventures [CDSV]
Alliance: Reckless Contingency. CEO: skulllord
Kills: 162 HQ:
Losses: 98 Members: 35
ISK destroyed: 63.65B Shares: 10000000
ISK lost: 20.24B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 75.87% Website:

Caldari Deep Space Ventures (CDSV) is a 0.0 corporation focusing on PvP, with a strong industrial background. We have been around since 2003, and our members are a diverse lot – tried and teste, killers and builders, we have them all. If you’re looking for a laid-back, friendly, experienced group in 0.0, you need look no further.

- Small brawls. Want to kill something? There’s always a roam with fingers on their triggers.
- Easy access to belts and anoms in our home region. Rat and mine to your heart’s content!
- Diverse mix of EU and US TZ members.
- Helpful bros, old and new. Need anything? It’s only a chat message away.
- Regular JF hauls to and from Empire/Jita, for all your mod & ship needs.
- Bros to haul your stuff out to 0.0, if needed.

Like what you see? Here’s what YOU NEED to SIGN UP:

- A minimum of 6M SP.
- Alpha can be accepted.
- Be able to be on voice comms. TS3 is a must – Mumble is a plus.
- Be able to move to 0.0.
- Hardcore or casual, indy or PvE, whatever you want – if you’re a friendly person with an open mind, we have a place for you!
- Be able to dedicate some of your time to alliance.

Want to check out CDSV? Pop in to our recruitment channel “CDSV Recruitment” for a beer and a chat. Alternatively, feel free to contact one of the following:

We want YOU for CDSV!

Co-Ceo - Skulllord
PvP Director -
Industrial Contact -

Chief Technician - Guns2Low
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