Corporation details - Exanthesis [.EDF.]
Alliance: NONE CEO: Stilp Sdrassa
Kills: 2 HQ:
Losses: 1 Members: 5
ISK destroyed: 75.42B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.04B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 99.95% Website: http://
Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, "If I die, you are forgiven. If I live, I WILL KILL YOU." Such is the rule of honor.

Recruitment is closed. Contact
Stilp Sdrassa with offers of sexual favors for recruitment opportunities.

Join channel Exanthesis Pub for info.
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