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Item details - Arch Angel EMP XL
Arch Angel EMP XL
Extra Large Projectile Ammo. Can be used only by starbase defense batteries and capital ships like dreadnoughts. A new technology, this highly advanced ammunition emits a focused EM pulse. Very potent against shields.

50% reduced optimal range.
Cargo capacity 0 m3
Mass 1 kg
Volume 0.125 m3
Baseprice 10,000 ISK
EM damage 79.19999694824219 HP
Explosive damage 17.600000381469727 HP
Kinetic damage 8.800000190734863 HP
Thermal damage 0 HP
Range bonus 0.5 %
mainColor 16763512
Charge size 4
Used with (Launcher Group) Projectile Weapon
Tracking Speed Multiplier 1 x
Tech Level 1 Level
Base Shield Damage 0
Base Armor Damage 0
entityFlyRangeMultiplier 0.5
metaGroupID 4
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