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Item details - Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I
Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I
This ship modification is designed to increase a ship's projectile turret damage output at the expense of increased power grid need for projectile weapons.

Penalty: Using more than one type of this module or similar modules that affect the same attribute on the ship will be penalized.

The drawbacks of fitting this rig may be reduced by training the Projectile Weapon Rigging skill.
Cargo capacity 0 m3
Mass 200 kg
Volume 5 m3
Baseprice 0 ISK
Structure Hitpoints 40 HP
Damage Modifier 1.100000023841858 x
Primary Skill required Projectile Weapon Rigging
requiredSkill1Level 1
Tech Level 1 Level
Meta Level 0 Level
Drawback 10 %
Calibration cost 200
Rig Size 1
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