Item details - Target Spectrum Breaker
Target Spectrum Breaker
Copies the active sweeps of all targeting sensors and reflects them onto other targeters, giving their computers the impression that the ship being locked is in two places at once. The more target locks active or being attempted against the ship, the more conflicting input can be sent to each computer, thus increasing the chances that the locks will fail.

Note: Will affect all targeting computers, including those of friendly vessels, of vessels immune to electronic warfare, and of the host ship itself. Can be fitted to Battleship, Black Ops and Marauder class ships.
Cargo capacity 0 m3
Mass 0 kg
Volume 5 m3
Baseprice 29,696 ISK
maxGroupActive 1
heatAbsorbtionRateModifier 0.009999999776482582
Overload duration bonus -15 %
Heat Damage 2.700000047683716 HP
Required Thermodynamics Level 1 Level
Can be fitted to Battleship
Overload Duration Modifier -15 %
Can be fitted to Black Ops
Max Modules Of This Group Allowed 1
Meta Level 1 Level
Scan Resolution Bonus 0.75 %
Can be fitted to Marauder
Activation Cost 272 GJ
Structure Hitpoints 40 HP
Powergrid Usage 1 MW
CPU usage 50 tf
Activation time / duration 8000 s
Primary Skill required Electronic Warfare
requiredSkill1Level 4
Tech Level 1 Level
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